Mar. 26

7:30 pm


I'm at Books Are Magic (225 Smith Street, Brooklyn) having a conversation about CODERS with Anil Dash, CEO of Glitch and longtime pioneer in social software.


Apr. 1

7:30 pm

Palo alto

I'm at Kepler's Literary Foundation/HanaHaus (456 University Ave, Palo Alto) talking about CODERS with Alexis Madrigal, technology writer and editor with The Atlantic.

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Apr. 2

6:30 pm

San francisco

I'm at the Commonwealth Club (110 The Embarcadero, SF) talking about CODERS with Saron Yitbarek, software developer and founder of the CodeNewbie podcast and community.

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Apr. 3

7:30 pm


I'm at the Summit on Pike / Town Hall (420 E. Pike Street, Seattle) talking about CODERS with Mónica Guzmán, longtime tech journalist and founder of The Evergrey.

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